About K.A.M.I

K.A.M.I – Israeli Krav Magen Association was founded in 1989 by Eli Avikzar (RIP), who held a red belt (Dan 10) and a Black belt (Dan 1) in Aikido and Judo. He was the first in the world to achieve a Black belt in Krav Maga (Contact Fight). Eli Avikzar served as head of the I.D.F (Israeli Defense Force) Krav Maga section for 12 years, during which he trained some 80,000 male soldiers and some 12,000 female soldiers.

After Eli Avikzars death in 2004,   Avi Abeceedon  was appointed as the Head of KAMI. Avi Abeceedon holds a Red Belt (Dan 10), and was the first Black Belt awarded by the Founder


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